Renting with Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola

Inspecting Available Rentals

All of our upcoming available rentals are advertised on,, and on our Facebook page.


When you find a property you would like to inspect please contact our office to arrange a suitable time for a viewing. We have set inspection days and times however we can be flexible if your working hours do not suit the available times. We know you are busy, just like us!


Please note that we do not approve applications until you, or someone on your behalf has viewed the property.

Applying for a Rental Property

Once you have viewed the property you want to apply for, you will need to complete our agency’s application form and supply all supporting documentation. Please note that we cannot start processing applications until all supporting documents are provided. #sorry


Click here to download Application Form


We don’t muck around. Once we have received your full application we will keep you fully informed and have an answer to you within 24 hours. #amazing


Once you have been approved you will need to sign your General Tenancy Agreement and pay your first two weeks rent within 24 hours to secure the property. Your General Tenancy Agreement is a legally binding document so if you change your mind this will be classed as a break lease and there are fees involved to secure a replacement tenant.

Moving In

Moving in to your new home is an exciting time! It can be tempting to move straight in and start making it your own. However, there are a few things you will need to do first.


  • Complete a tenant induction with our office and obtain a copy of all documentation.

  • Receive the keys to the property and sign a photocopy of the keys. This will be used to compare with the keys that are returned to us at the end of your tenancy.

  • Receive your copy of the Entry Condition Report (see below for more details).

  • Pay your full bond (equal to four weeks rent). This is lodged with the RTA by our office. Please note that if you are paying by bank transfer the funds will need to be clear in our trust account before we can allow you to take possession of the property. We do not have EFTPOS facilities.

  • It is advisable to take out contents insurance and arrange for power and phone to be connected (if applicable).

Entry Condition Report

It is our mission to be completely open and honest with our tenants. Before you move in we complete a comprehensive entry condition report and take hundreds (sometimes thousands) of photos to document the exact condition of the property upon entry. A copy of this report and photos will be provided to you. It is your responsibility to go through this report and make a note of anything that you don’t agree with or anything additional you notice. We require that you provide us with photos of the things you notice so we can keep them on file. If there are a lot of notes on your entry condition report, we will make a time with you to meet at the property and go through these things together so we are all on the same page.


The Entry Condition Report must be returned to our office within three days. If it is not returned within three days, the original report will stand at vacate.

Making It Your Own

We understand that you will want to make your new rental as homely as possible. We are all for this! However please ensure the following is adhered to ensure no damage is done to the property.



  • No gazebos or temporary shade sails to be erected without prior written consent.

  • Please only park in the allocated area and not on the grass.

  • If you have children’s sand pit/play fortes etc please be aware that they can kill the grass underneath and you will be required to bring the lawn up to the original entry condition upon vacate.

  • If you would like to add anything to, or remove anything from the garden please get authority in writing from our office prior to doing so.

  • Do not hang any decorations to the fence panels or the side of the house unless there is already a place to do so (hooks, nails etc).



  • Refrain from using blue tac, sticky tape, wall decal stickers, screws etc on any walls. Hooks that are already in place can be used. If you would like to add more hooks please get authority in writing from our office prior to doing so.

  • It is strongly advised to use furniture pads to prevent your furniture from damaging the flooring (Click Here for Example). Furniture pads are inexpensive and can be purchased from places like Bunnings, Big W and EBay.

  • Using mats in carpeted high traffic areas or in front of couches can be a brilliant way to avoid excess wear, tear and staining.

  • Please use shower caddies to store your soaps and shampoo bottles. If they are stored directly onto the tiles, the tiles can become marked over time. (Click Here for Example)

Paying Your Rent

We have a strict zero tolerance for rent arrears and start contacting you from the first day you show up on our arrears list. We want you to have a great rental history, so it is important to pay your rent in advance or at the very least, on time.


Payments can be made into our Trust Account.

(We will provide you with these details)

REF: Your reference number will be on your lease agreement.

Reporting Maintenance

Maintenance requirements must be reported to us in writing via email or using a maintenance request form. You will receive two of these forms in your tenant welcome pack. You are welcome to fill this out at home and send us a photo of the completed form or drop it into our office. It is extremely important that you report any maintenance as soon as it is noticed. Neglecting to do so can result in a small problem becoming a large one and tenants can be liable for repairs if it was noticed and not reported in a timely manner. We action maintenance quickly and efficiently. Our trusted tradespeople are provided with your contact details to arrange a suitable time to complete repairs. If you will not be home, we will provide a key for the tradespeople to use to gain access.


Emergency maintenance can be reported directly to our office or mobile numbers so action can be taken immediately.


Click here to download Maintenance Request Form

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are carried out every three to four months. You will be notified in writing via email or post giving you at least 7 days’ notice prior to your inspection. If you will not be home at the scheduled time we will use our office keys to gain access. Inspection times cannot be rescheduled unless in extreme circumstances. We take photos for our owners during this inspection so if there are any personal belongings you do not wish to be photographed please store these items inside a cupboard for the inspection. It is very important to ensure the house is in good, clean condition and the lawns and gardens have been maintained with regard to the original entry condition.


Your privacy is respected during your routine inspection. The only cupboards we open are those in wet areas to ensure there are no water leaks.


If the routine inspection is unsatisfactory in any way you will be issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach giving you the required amount of time to remedy the breach. We will also provide another entry notice for us to re-inspect the property. If the breach has not been rectified, you may be asked to vacate.

Lease Renewals

Once we have received instructions from the landlord we will write to you offering the renewed lease. If your rent is to be increased, you will receive two months’ notice prior to the rent increase taking effect. If your lease is not going to be renewed, you will be issued with two months’ notice to vacate. If you do not want to renew your lease you are required to provide us with two weeks’ notice in writing prior to the end of your lease – although more notice is preferred.

Locked Out? Lost Keys?

Everyone has been there once or twice! We have spare keys for all of our rental properties so #stressless, you can obtain our spare set to let yourself in. We do require a $50 holding deposit which is given back to you when you return the keys. If you call us outside of office hours a $50 call out fee applies.


Circumstances change, we understand!

When the time comes that you want to vacate there are processes that you must follow. If you wish to vacate at the end of your lease, you must provide notice to us in writing at least two weeks before the end of your lease. We appreciate it if you let us know sooner #thanksguys.


If you want to vacate before the end of your lease this is called a ‘break lease’ and there are fees involved to do this. You will also be responsible for the rent and upkeep of the property until a new tenant is approved and moves in. Please contact our office for more information.


When we receive the required notice we will email you a vacating tenant pack which includes a cleaning list that will assist you in ensuring the bond clean is up to standard.


Once the notice period has expired and you have returned the keys we will conduct the exit inspection and compare the property’s condition to the Entry Condition Report and entry photos. The property must be left in the same good condition as when you moved in. If there is work needed to be done, we will give you the option to go back to rectify these issues within 24 hours or we will arrange for it to be done on your behalf.

a Full Bond Refund
Tips to Getting
  • Rent must be fully paid up until the vacate date. The bond is not to be used for rent.

  • You must have fully complied with our vacating cleaning checklist to a high standard. This is the list we use to check the property at the exit inspection. Carpets must be clean as per the entry condition report. We highly recommend using a professional bond cleaner and carpet cleaning company. Please contact us for contact details of our preferred bond cleaners.

  • Lawns must be neatly mowed with all clippings removed. Garden beds must be weeded and plants in good health. The lawns, gardens and under the house must be free of any rubbish, dead leaves etc.

  • If you had pets at the property you must have the property treated for fleas inside and out. Again, we recommend using a professional.

  • Any damages that have occurred will need to be professionally rectified. Please do not attempt to carry out repairs yourself unless you are suitably qualified. DIY adventures often will cost you more in the long run. #DOH

  • All keys must be returned at the end of the notice period. If the keys are not returned you will be responsible for the rent until they are returned. If the keys have been lost you will need to engage a locksmith to have all the locks changed at your own expense.