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Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola

Exceeding your expectations. 
Maximising your investment.

Welcome to an agency that does things a little differently. We go the extra mile that many simply do not. Welcome to consistency. Welcome to personalised communication and not automatically generated emails and ‘copy and paste’ responses. Welcome to peace of mind. Welcome to the family!


Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola is a locally run family business. Our difference is that the business owners are Property Managers and are personally invested to ensure your experience with us exceeds your expectations. #amazing

Our sole passion and purpose is to exceed expectations with our industry focused focused experience, knowledge of our local market, passion for what we do and our honest drive to go above and beyond for any client that comes through our door – whether that be landlords, sellers, buyers, tenants or tradespeople. We foster long standing relationships built on trust, experience, professionalism and by going the extra mile. #whatsnottolove?

Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola may be a small locally owned business but we have invested in world class and industry leading technologies, systems, procedures and support. This means that our clients are not only supporting a local family run business, they also have the peace of mind knowing that they are supported by state of the art systems and procedures. All of our programs are cloud based which means we can access everything we need from a range of devices including laptops, smart phones, iPads and computers. This means we can be more available and more hands on with our landlords, tenants and tradespeople. It is the way of the future.


Property Management is a shared passion of Rachael and Michelle who launched Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola in 2018 after working together in the field and managing large property portfolios. In 2019 they expanded their business by welcoming Murray Benton to the team as Head of Sales and Marketing. Their shared passion and drive to be the best, combined with their fourteen years Real Estate experience positioned them perfectly to launch their own business. These enthusiastic business women focus on what they do best - provide their clients with a tailored, personalised and professional property management experience like no other. Clients who entrust their properties to Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola find their expectations exceeded as they go above and beyond to ensure total satisfaction and peace of mind.

Michelle Shorten
Owner/Head of Property Management

Michelle knew she wanted to work in Real Estate ever since she was in grade four. One day a week, her classroom would transform into a ‘mini town’ and each desk would represent a different business or home within the community. She was the Real Estate office called ‘Home Sweet Home Real Estate’. Michelle would collect the rent for all the other desks in the room. She loved the position and vowed to one day open her own Real Estate business.

When Michelle was 22 she bought her first home and secured her first job in Real Estate in the small rural town of Gayndah. Her role was focused on Sales, Marketing and being a Personal Assistant. It soon became apparent that she had a natural ability to foster long standing relationships with clients by providing exceptional customer service.

Michelle married her husband Shane in 2014 and had their daughter Kelsie the following year. Sick of the DIDO (drive in, drive out) employment that meant her husband was hardly home, they decided to uproot their family and move to Gympie so that they could all live under the one roof. They turned their first home into an investment property and bought their second home in Gympie. Michelle was offered a number of jobs within the Gympie Real Estate industry. Deciding on a full time Property Management position in a fast paced agency, she has never looked back.

Michelle’s forte is establishing and maintaining long-term relationships with her clients. She achieves this by providing exceptional service which meets and exceeds expectations. Her rent arrears list has always been the smallest of any other Property Manager’s and this is solely due to her ability to communicate in a compassionate yet firm nature. Michelle has established her name as a thorough and conscientious business woman who believes that excellent communication and relating to people on a personal level are the keys to successful client relationships.

Together with friend and co-worker Rachael Gilliland, Michelle has poured her heart and soul into creating Your Realty Queensland. Her mission is to create a business that has deep roots in the Gympie community along with creating a supportive and fun working environment that people want to be a part of.

Rachael Gilliland
Owner/Head of Property Management

Rachael Gilliland is the business owner at Your Realty Queensland and Head of the Property Management department. Rachael is a high energy agent with a ‘go big or go home’ attitude. Her long list of repeat clients and client referrals is a testament to her passion and work ethic in the Property Management industry.


Rachael has called Gympie home for more than twenty years. She loves the family friendly atmosphere Gympie provides and believes it is the perfect place to raise her son.


Rachael has spent the last few years managing a portfolio of around 160 properties and is well known for providing her clients with professional yet personalised service. Not afraid of long hours or hard work, Rachael is known for doing everything it takes to ensure her clients expectations are exceeded and that their investment is maintained to the highest of standards. From putting out/bringing in rubbish bins to mopping out a house ready for a tenant to move in to bringing coffee and having a chat to an elderly tenant, Rachael is always putting others first. Rarely is her desk free from flowers from appreciative clients or friends.

Excelling in extremely detailed exit inspections, Rachael will ensure your investment reaches its full potential and is always handed over to the next tenant in the best possible condition. 


You will not be disappointed with Rachael as your Property Manager.