Landlord Information

We go the extra mile – it’s not crowded there
Welcome to the Family

Welcome to an agency that does things a little differently. We go the extra mile that many simply do not. Welcome to consistency. Welcome to personalised communication and not automatically generated emails and ‘copy and paste’ responses. Welcome to the peace of mind knowing your investment is in the best possible hands with Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola as your agent. Welcome to the family!


Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola is a locally run family business. Our difference is that the business owners are Property Managers and are personally invested to ensure your experience with us exceeds your expectations. #amazing We are a Property Management focused office, not a ‘jack of all trades’. We do one thing and we do it well. When you call us you speak directly to the business owner and not just someone who is counting down to 5pm. We are highly experienced and passionate about the Property Management field and have invested in industry leading technologies, systems and procedures to ensure we can manage your investment to the highest of standards. #whatsnottolove?

We Get More Eyes on Your Property

We understand that people are busy. Not everyone is able to inspect available rentals between the usual 9am-5pm. Sometimes the best tenants are the ones who can only inspect your property after they finish work at 5pm. We will show your property after 5pm or even on Saturday or Sunday by appointment if required. #whateverittakes


We like to commence advertising three weeks prior to it being ready for tenants to move in. Internet advertising and using professional photos is the most popular and efficient form of advertising. We advertise on our own website,,  and through our social media feeds.


‘For Lease’ signs are erected in front of your property to show passers-by that it is coming up for rent and to help people locate the property when they do drive-bys.


We offer three different marketing packages to suit different budgets. #marketingpros


Our owners are kept fully up to date throughout the marketing and application process. We touch base with you throughout the week to provide feedback regarding tenant enquiry, their feedback and how inspections went. Our application process is extremely thorough including obtaining 100 points of ID from applicants, confirming employment, income testing, TICA searches, current and past landlord/agency references, personal references and pet reference checks.


Once we have suitable applications we arrange a time with you to go through them in detail. If we wouldn’t put them in our home, they are not going in yours. We put everything on the table and make the decision together.


When an application is approved we require the tenant to sign the General Tenancy Agreement and pay a holding deposit of their first two weeks rent to secure the property. We do not stop advertising or conducting viewings until the tenants have signed and paid.

More Frequent Owner Payments

We process owner payments every second Thursday. This means you can be more flexible and hands on with your money. Everyone knows that mortgages get paid off faster with fortnightly payments rather than monthly. #chaching

We Can Work From Anywhere

By investing in industry leading technologies, we are quite literally able to work anywhere that has phone range. All of our programs are cloud based which means we can access everything we need from a range of devices including laptops, smart phones, ipads and computers. This means we can be more available and more hands on with our lardlords, tenants and tradespeople. It is the way of the future.

Entry and Exit Reports

Before your tenant makes your investment their home, we spend a few hours at the property conducting a comprehensive and thorough Entry Condition Report. We document every aspect of the home including things like wall condition, number of hooks, light fittings, fans, air conditioners, window covers, kitchen appliances, floor coverings, lawns, gardens #yougetthepicture. We also take hundreds, if not thousands of photos to back up our Entry Condition Report. This ensures we have sufficient proof of how the property was handed over to the tenants and covers us if anything was to go wrong. When the tenant collects the keys they are given a copy of the entry condition report and they have three days to check over everything we have documented and make notes on their side of the report. If they make a lot of notes we will arrange to meet with the tenants to go through the report together to ensure we are all on the same page.


When your tenant vacates we assist them with the preparation as much as we can. We know that moving can be stressful for both the tenant and the landlord and our job is to make this process as easy and as stress free as possible. Once keys have been returned we spend a few hours at the property comparing everything to the Entry Condition Report and documenting what we find with photos. We are trained to find damages that tenants may have tried to hide from us and any cleaning that may have been missed. We then type up the exit report and send it to the tenant giving them 24 hours to rectify any issues. If they cannot complete the task we will arrange it on their behalf with payment to be made by the tenant.

We Pride Ourselves on Low Rent Arrears

Zero tolerance and no excuses. This is how we approach rent arrears. It begins with proper education at the initial sign up and explaining the consequences of late payers. When a tenant shows up on our arrears list we start contacting them from day one. By being kind and not being abrupt or pushy generally means tenants are more likely to respond well and not feel embarrassed.  By the eighth day they are issued with a Notice to Remedy Breach which gives them seven days to pay. If payment is still not received, then we can ask for them to vacate. All measures are taken to prevent this and it does not happen often.  

Routine Inspections

Routine inspections are so important and ours do not disappoint. If you are not receiving detailed routine inspection reports including photos from your Property Manager every three to four months then you need to find a new Property Manager, fast! #byefelicia Our owners receive a full colour PDF inspection report every three to four months without fail. We take several photos of each room and document the condition of each room. We go the extra mile by inspecting inside the oven, sinks, showers, inside cupboards in wet areas, inside sheds #thelistgoeson. We give our expert opinion of the current rent and if it is achieving market rent or if we should implement an increase at the next renewal. We note any damage or cleaning issues and list any recommended maintenance. If there are damages or cleaning issues we will issue the tenant with a Notice to Remedy Breach and re-inspect seven days. Our owners are constantly commenting on how thorough we are with inspection reports.

Make the Switch to Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola

Many owners simply ‘settle’ with the agency they are currently with. They may not realise the level or service that they are missing out on or they simply think it is too hard to change agencies. If you join the ‘Your Realty Gympie & Cooloola family’ we do all the hard or uncomfortable work for you. We can assist you with providing your current agency with the required notice and be in communication with them to ensure the changeover is smooth and stress free. We will contact your tenant and keep them fully up to date with the changeover. #whatareyouwaitingfor


“Lack of communication leads to a lack of trust that leaves room for doubt”

~ Source unknown


One of our best compliments we can get from our clients is when they start talking to us on a personal level. When the professional walls are broken down and we can have a laugh and a chat about what our plans are with the family on the weekend. Our clients are honestly considered our friends and that makes our job so rewarding. There is nothing we won’t do for our friends and family - letting them down is not an option. Picking up the phone to have a chat with a client about maintenance or a problem tenant is so much easier when you’re simply calling a mate for a chat. That is how we run our business.